Due to “supreme jet lag,” our favourite celebrity person on the internet, Chrissy Teigen, has spent the better part of the last day answering questions on Twitter about being famous – and calling out the platform for not doing enough in response to accounts promoting hate speech. (Twitter addressed these concerns, here.) If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities know if their real friends like an Instagram photo (because I mean, we’ve all seen this), or if they actually answer the door when the delivery guy shows up – read on.  

On whether her and John fight: 

On whether celebs have paparazzi photos of themselves saved on their phones:

On how many people she knows that are part of the Illuminati: 

How celebs figure out if someone they know “liked” one of their photos on Instagram: 

How famous people hire their makeup artists: 

If celebs message each other when Twitter beef is going down: 

How famous people get their toilet paper and Febreeze: 

If famous people introduce themselves to other famous people when they meet: 

On how they know which celeb is “lesser”: 

On how celebs get paid: 

If it gets tense at award shows when the host makes a joke about a celeb in the audience:

How celebs survive long award shows that don’t serve food:

On whether celeb drama is staged: 

If she answers the door when ordering delivery: