Perhaps the silliest piece of info was that she has a prized piece of art given to her by the Late Show’s James Corden: it’s a framed piece of already chewed gum. It sounds gross, but the gum was chewed by none other than Céline Dion. Don’t you want it now, too?

On Thursday, October 21, Corden addressed Adele’s reveal, saying to the audience, “That is a true story.”

He went on, “The weekend before we had shot [Carpool Karaoke], we went on a little weekend away to Mexico, my family, [Adele], her son and we spent a weekend together…And the following Friday I was shooting the Carpool with Céline Dion and Adele just loves Céline Dion.”

Before they started shooting, Dion was chewing that now-famous piece of gum, and was looking for somewhere to throw it out. Corden saw the perfect opportunity.

“I ripped off a piece and she put it in and I said, ‘Don’t. I’ll do it,’ because, you know, she was about to do the fold,” he continued. “I said, ‘I got it, I got it, I got it.’ I then had to give it to [show producer Diana Miller] and I was like, ‘I need to keep this super safe!’ And she took it and looked at me like, ‘I think this is the day he’s lost his mind.’ And I said, ‘Please keep it safe.’ And then I gave it to [Adele] for her birthday. She’s a difficult person to buy for. A candle doesn’t cut it!”

This story on its own is pretty good, but the best part might be that it got back to Dion, who had her team comment about it on Twitter.

“Hilarious!.. but @JKCorden @latelateshow was supposed to give it back to Celine… She likes to chew while singing ‘It’s All ‘Gumming’ Back To Me Now’😏. Anyway, we love ‘Easy On Me’ and can’t wait to hear your new album @Adele! ❤ – Team Celine,” the tweet read. Who knew Céline Dion loves puns.