1. Finish this sentence (and, sorry, you can only pick one):
“My ideal man is…”

A) Sexy
B) Honest
C) Smart
D) Wealthy
E) Funny

2. Upon picking you up for your first date, he greets you and says:
A) “Ready to party? Where do you keep the tequila?”
B) “I was chatting with your neighbours. I’m going to help them move next week.”
C) “Are you familiar with the writings of Noam Chomsky?”
D) “Bellissima! I forgot how your smile lights up your face.”
E) “Hope you like surprises. You’re not allergic to nuts or animals, are you?”

3. Which of the following is your dream man’s style signature?
A) Anything black or vintage, preferably both.
B) A tie during the week, khaki pants on weekends.
C) A collared shirt and dark denim.
D) A custom-made suit and designer shoes.
E) Baggy jeans and a “Let’s hug it out” tee.

4. On a typical Saturday night you and your beau are:
A) Bar hopping, listening to up-and-coming bands and hitting the after-hours drinking hole.
B) At home, watching a rented movie and cuddling on the couch – and in bed at a reasonable hour.
C) Going to the local Indian food joint and catching a sub-titled flick at the rep theatre.
D) Drinks, dinner and more drinks at the hottest new restaurant in town.
E) Having beers and watching improv sketches at a comedy club.

5. Which is your favourite celebrity couple?
A) Kate Moss and Pete Doherty
B) Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
C) Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger
D) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
E) Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

6. At a party, you zero in on the guy that’s:
A) Making shooters and cranking the music a little too loud
B) In the kitchen, helping the hostess tidy up
C) Corner-bound in a one-on-one debate of world politics
D) On the couch, flanked by all the ladies
E) Cracking up the crowd with endless jokes and bang-on impersonations

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Check out our picks for the green and the famous!7. You accidentally grab your dude’s iPod. What’s he listening to?
A) Punk and rock from every era and at full volume
B) Upbeat pop and light rock, anything you can hum along to quietly
C) Old-school blues and jazz standards
D) Smooth hip-hop and R ‘n’ B tracks
E) Hits from the 80’s and classic Weird Al tunes

8. Your fantasy man loves it when you wear:
A) A tight old t-shirt and your tightest jeans
B) A nice sweater and comfortable shoes
C) Whatever you want to, hopefully it shows your curves
D) Lacy lingerie, complete with push-up bra, garter belts and sheer hose
E) His boxer shorts and nothing else

9. He can’t leave the house without:
A) His pack of smokes
B) His watch
C) His 400-page novel/memoir/book of poetry
D) His Blackberry
E) His lucky superhero ring

10. Your dream man loves to watch:
A) MTV Canada and MuchMusic
B) Grey’s Anatomy
C) The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos
D) Entourage and The Girls’ Next Door
E) The Office and re-runs of The Dave Chappelle Show

11. On your birthday, what’s your guy most likely to get you?
A) Tickets to see his favourite band, you like them too right?
B) A pair of pearl stud earrings
C) A donation in your name to Habitat for Humanity
D) A candle-lit full-body massage, from him
E) A belated cash-filled card with a funny note

12. What’s your friend’s feedback about the men you usually date?
A) He makes a strong drink and really seems to be into his band
B) He’s a bit reserved, but very thoughtful and attentive
C) He sounds interesting enough, but they can’t say for sure because they’ve never actually met him
D) They’re a bit concerned about his intense eye contact with other women, but he’s soooo good-looking
E) His non-stop laughs make up for the fact that he’s pushing 35 and still works at the beer store

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Mostly A’s: The bad boy

Celebrity boyfriends: Steven Tyler, Pete Doherty, Keanu Reeves
Gotta love ’em: Lord love a bad boy! Who can resist the ultimate male fixer-upper? Sure, he’s usually disheveled in dress and stumbling down the stairs but he’s just trying to live his dream. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give a crap about yours. His addictive personality doesn’t extend to his love life, where he’s as experimental with ladies as he is with substances. There is no white picket fence future with this one. Enjoy the wild ride, and know when to get off (Kate, can you hear me?!).

Mostly B’s: The boy next door

Celebrity boyfriends: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Patrick Dempsey
Gotta love ’em: This Mom-friendly boy is everything you’d expect: he’s thoughtful, sweet and primed for domestication. That means no bells, whistles or spontaneous surprises, but still very reliable. If you want someone who has seriously considered being a stay-at-home dad and looks forward to the two of you growing old together, pick up one of these today. Caution: no sudden or forward movements please, you don’t’ want to scare him away.

Mostly C’s: The mysterious intellectual male

Celebrity boyfriends: Clive Owen, Heath Ledger, Daniel Craig
Gotta love ’em: Dry wit? Check. Brooding? Check. Incessant discussion of all things worldly? Check. Sounds like you’ve all the markings of the mysterious intellectual male on your hands. You may never know what the heck he’s talking about, but who cares? When it comes to relations, guys enjoy the thrill of the chase while us gals enjoy the thrill of conquering of his mind. Plus,
the more questions you ask the better, because these ones love to teach.
He may not know who Lauren, Heidi and Whitney are, but his intense passion for Third World politics indicates intense passion in other areas, if you know what we mean.

Mostly D’s: The Ladies Man

Celebrity boyfriends: George Clooney, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake
Gotta love ’em: Who doesn’t love a smooth talker with twinkling eyes and a naughty sense of humor? His list of conquests may read like the numbers on a lottery ticket, but this guy has a winning combination of attractive qualities. He’s well dressed, well groomed and particularly gifted at making you feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, he’s always looking to increase his wealth of women, the roving eye of the ladies man is always on the move for the next notch in his designer belt. Expect extravagant gifts, just don’t expect to be his one and only and you won’t get hurt.

Mostly E’s: The funny guy

Celebrity boyfriends: Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, Andy Samberg
Gotta love ’em:
Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s the funny guy! Always up for a good time, he knows how to make the best of any situation. He’s the perfect date for awkward formal affairs like staff parties, weddings and funerals because he’s at ease in a sea of strangers and everyone ends up loving him. His down faults may be a lack of motivation or attention to details (like your birthday), but we’re willing to overlook that because he makes us laugh, he means well and he makes us laugh.

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