It is enshrined in lyrical and practical fact: Beyonce runs the world. The mysterious body that compiles the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list, however, are clearly ignorant / unwilling to bow down, and have so made the egregious error of ranking Queen B at just spot number 21 on this year’s list. But she did beat out Taylor Swift, so…

The list was topped by women who, despite a lack of ability to surfbort, did wake up this powerful, since the top ten is rounded out by giants of politics and industry, which is a sphere of influence we assume Beyonce has set aside to tackle another day. Number 1 is German chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by America’s next president (are you listening, universe?) Hilary Clinton.

In the top fifteen we find perennial power player / purveyor of Starbuck’s chai Oprah, followed by Anna Wintour and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer round out the 20’s. 

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