One thing Sara and Erin Foster want to make very clear is that their new show is not about them – even though the actress and writer siblings play two sisters who are, well, an actress and a writer filming a reality – TV show about their life in Hollywood. “We have the same names, but that’s where the reality ends!” say the L.A native sisters.

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If anyone is qualified to make a faux – reality – TV show critiquing our obsession with celebrity, it’s these two: Daughters of music producer David Foster, their own credits include a role on the rebooted 90210 (Sara) and writing for The New Normal (Erin). Barely Famous (on VH1 now) is a send – up of what goes on behind the scenes of a reality – TV show in which two G – listers “just want to be famous without really even knowing why,” says Sara, 34. (Think Curb Your Enthusiasm meets The Real Housewives.) “We wanted to play around with showing your life in one way when it’s really another way. Our character try to be cool and look good in front of the camera to make people jealous and then they continue to fall on their faces because they are flawed people, and they do it in front of the camera.”

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And even if you’re not a Kardashian (or a Hilton, or an Osbourne, or a resident of Orange County circa 2006), this show has its satirical arrow aimed straight at you and your own carefully constructed reality: “Someone’s life on Instagram is not their real life; it’s the life they want you to see,” says Erin, 32. “You overshoot sometimes to make sure that everyone sees your life a certain way. And I think that sometimes people are so busy documenting their lives to look a certain way that they’re not living their fucking lives!”


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