Move over Beyonce and Jay Z: There’s a new musical power couple occupying the top spot on the celebrity rich list. And it’s a pair of lovebirds who this time last month (let alone last year) weren’t even a thing yet. Hope this doesn’t cause “Bad Blood” and both couples can have a good “Summer”!

Okay, we’ll stop. Hopefully you’ve clued in by now that the couple sitting pretty (and wealthy) at the top of Forbes’ annual ranking of rich famous people is none other than Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, who are barely even Instagram official. 

Together, the musicians raked in 146 million. That’s $146, 000, 000 USD if you like your zeros. Take a moment and absorb that, and remember it every time you worry about if Meredith and Olivia Benson are going to get to go to cat college. 

Also, if you’re wondering, the Knowles Carters are going to be okay too: They raked in nearly $111 million last year. Blue, we hope you got a pony for your birthday.

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