The first episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s reality tv show was enlightening to say the least. Not only did we learn that a paparazzi picture of Caitlyn goes for over $200,000, we also found out that the first time Kylie saw her father as a woman was over Facetime (while at the dentist?), and apparently Kanye has been an awesome support throughout this all. We also learned what colour nail polish every single person who appeared on the show was wearing because whoever did the filmography was really into close-ups of hands.


But most importantly? We picked up a few lessons to live by, of varying levels of profundity.


“I am an expert on my own story”

That was just in Caitlyn’s opening voice over. Later, she underlined what felt like the thesis statement of the whole show: “The most important thing in life is to be true to yourself.”


If you can have hair and makeup on call, you should.

Caitlyn appears to have two personal assistants in charge of styling, because why not. Also, if Tom Ford and Diane Von Furstenberg send you a closet full of clothes, you really should wear them. Even if your ex-wife has the exact same Tom Ford dress as you…(hi Kris!)


You’ll always be you….even if everyone seems to like Cait better.

If someone said “You’re still Bruce! Your personality hasn’t changed” once on this episode, they said it a 1000 times. That said, the funniest moment came when Caitlyn dead-panned: “Every one is like, Caitlyn is so much more fun that Bruce ever was.”


You’re never too old to discover the power of a good sports bra.

“When you start running, it gets a little tougher doesn’t it?” True words spoken by a tennis-playing Cait. We hear you girl. 


You’re also never too old to do your best to understand.

This lesson comes to us from Caitlyn’s mom, who flew in to meet Caitlyn for the first time. Her struggle to wrap her head around the idea that her son is now a woman was obvious….as was her determination to understand, and let Cait know she is loved.“I am more proud of him for the courage he has shown. I loved him with all my heart, and I certainly love her with all my heart.”



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