Career News: Humanities Grads Don’t Actually Earn (That Much) Less

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We all know the stereotype: people who major in things like engineering, accounting and science go on to live prosperous, useful, productive lives. Those who are foolish enough to major in something like linguistics, political science, or (the worst) literature…well, hope they like the constant gnaw of hunger and fear of homelessness!

But a new study, released by the Association of American Universities and Colleges*, shows that might not quite be true. By analysing the annual median earnings of college graduates of all disciplines, they’ve found that by the time they reach their 40’s, humanities grads only under-earn their colleagues in engineering, science etc by $2,000 / year.

That said…those who graduated with humanities majors (in the US for this study), do earn less over their lifetime, with an average peak salary of $66,000**. Compare that to around $97,000 for engineers, and well…it’s never too late to become a mature student?

*possible vested interest, since they do rep a lot of Liberal Arts colleges…


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