Cara Delevingne debuts an American accent

Mar 19 2015 by
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In exactly 127 days, you will cry the sort of tears you haven’t known since the time a John Green book became a film, and there’s a good chance that catharsis will be courtesy of Cara Delevingne and her incredibly convincing American accent.
We got a sneak peak at Delevingne’s trans-Atlantic linguistic transformation today via the first trailer for
Paper Towns, the next in a super-successful, super-sob inducing string of YA novels made into movies (recall
The Fault in Our Stars without misty eyes, if you can). This time, Delevingne is playing a charismatic cool girl (not a stretch then) who goes missing. The nerd who’s loved her from afar goes look for her, and love, pathos and an epic road-trip ensue.
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