can'tmisshostessgiftFamed graffiti writer Futura created the label for the Hennessy Very Special Limited edition bottle.

It happens, without fail, every single year: That excruciating moment when someone gifts you something unexpectedly, and you have nothing around to reciprocate. That’s why having a stash of backup gifts around the holiday season is essential. This year, I’ve decided to head to the liquor store to stock up on bottles of Hennessy Very Special, with a limited edition label by graffiti writer Futura. Not only is it a gender neutral gift, but the label makes it a little cooler (and more festive) than your average bottle of booze. Even if your giftee isn’t a Cognac drinker, at the very least it will look damn good as the focal point of just about anyone’s bar (and keep you from feeling like a chump during gift exchange).
Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Futura ($59.50 at the LCBO)
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