Canadian Oscar nominees feted in L.A.

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There are no solid bronze statuettes here – I speak of the oversized Oscars producers plonk down on either side of the red carpet at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard – but it’s still pretty swank company where I happen to be. Today I was invited to the Canadian Consulate-General’s home in Hancock Park in Los Angeles for the annual luncheon held in honour of the Canadian Oscar nominees. (I make it sound so breezy, meanwhile I’ve been sweatin’ pellets for a week trying to figure out what to wear. More on that in a minute.) 
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards is airing on Sunday and the city is almost at a fever-pitch with dozens of cocktail parties, screenings and celeb spottings here, there, and everywhere.
Incendies, Barney’s Version, How to Tame Your Dragon If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Canuck – and who isn’t, especially at the end of February – then you already know who’s representin’. But, in case you don’t know them verbatim, herewith the list of Canadians nominated for five Academy Awards:

Incendies is nominated in the
Best Foreign Film category, so director Denis Villeneuve, as well as producers Luc Déry and Kim McCraw, were present.
Incendies is the story of twins who follow their mother’s last wishes and journey to the Middle East to discover their roots, which turns out to be a father they thought was dead and a brother they didn’t’ know about. Montreal native Adrien Morot is nominated for
Achievement in Makeup for
Barney’s Version adapted from Mordecai Richler’s novel. Do I really need to describe this (surely, you’ve heard of it)? OK, it’s 35 years in the life of Montreal TV producer Barney Panofsky and his various wives.
How to Tame Your Dragon is nominated for
Best Animated Feature Film and its director/writer Dean DeBlois, a Sheridan College grad was in attendance. 
The Consul-General’s home was roped off to keep the minions from destroying the place and I’m dying to jump over and get a tour (one of these days I will but today is not that day). I wandered past the red carpet, pawed it much as the Pope touches the earth when he gets to visits new lands, and then skittered past the wall covered with sponsor logos where they take glamour shots of the stars. I saw
Norman Jewison and
Wendy Crewson almost immediately and
Michael Budman (the founder of Roots).

Meeting the man behind
Fiddler on the Roof The luncheon was held out in the garden/ patio where a lovely tent was erected over the pool. It’s better than any picnic I’ve ever been to lately. (I’m writing this first and then going to fill my plate so I don’t know what delicacies are on tap.)
etalk’s Ben Mulroney did the honours of introducing everyone followed by a few elegant words by the Consul-General himself, David Fransen. Denis Villeneuve told everyone how thrilled he was to meet Norman Jewison because he’d long been a fan of
Fiddler on the Roof. Dean DeBlois said his Canadian mother was on his way to be his +1 at the Oscars and that if he didn’t win the prize this time, he hoped “to do better next time.” It was very intimate, very sweet and very Canadian. One of the wonderful things about going to a Canadian party is that it’s the one of the few places (I’ve been to) in Southern California where I don’t see wall-to-wall plastic surgery addicts. And that is seriously refreshing.
Oscar nominees whisper to ELLE Canada
Dean DeBlois, writer/director,
How to Tame Your Dragon, told
ELLE Canada that in the sequel, the entire Northern Hemisphere has opened up to Hiccup (and all the Vikings who are now flying on dragons). “Inevitably that means inevitably means new dragons, new cultures and new women!” Watch out Astrid, Hiccup might have a new love interest. He adds with a laugh, “We have some great costumes!” Montreal’s Adrian Morot a nominee for his makeup for
Barney’s Version said he was thrilled with the nom but said: “I’m looking forward to going back to my anonymous life!” He heads back to Montreal where he’s working on
Kin; a thriller starring Eric Bana.
Daughters of the revolution And here I take a writerly interlude to pause and say that I did get my hair blown out and I got a mani/pedi. Oh yes, I abducted vanity, and have been carrying the lass tucked under my arm like a Beverly Hills chichuahua for months now. I wore a black tuxedo jacket by
Daughters of the Revolution. I paired it with black, wide-legged trousers, but I erred on the shoes. Initially I had insanely high peep-toe booties with ruched leather but, as I drove up the driveway, my toes screamed when I pressed the brake. Bad. So I swapped ’em out as the valet opened the door. It ruined the outfit. I’m working, hence I chose pleasure over pain. Notice I’m not telling you what I actually wore. Too shameful. Well, they weren’t flip-flops. No photos.

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