That’s right: Britney’s back, bitches.

Britney Spears’ new album
Britney Jean is dropping tomorrow—and she’s turning 32 (yes, she’s seriously only 32. How is that possible considering it feels like she’s been famous for 100 years?) It’s a big day for Miss Britney and there’s been a lot of lead up. Brit tweeted in July that the album would be her "most personal ever" and she wrote a handwritten note to fans telling them how much she loved them. Well, she released an early preview on iTunes so I can confirm that the album is about as personal as automated out-of-office reply. Example? The lyrics in "It Should Be Easy" reveal that, “If there was a scale from one to 10/on my love for you, it’s a million billion.” Well, despite the head-shaving, questionable albums and sweaty X-Factor appearances, I’m still rooting for the former Mouseketeer. I hope this album doesn’t spoil that. At the very least, she’ll have two years of Vegas shows (her residency kicks off at the end of December, ya’ll) in which she can perform "Slave for You" non-stop and remind us why we loved her a million-billion in the first place. Read more:
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