Breaking: Taylor Swift has a twin! We’re serious

Mar 24 2015 by
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By Jasmine Roberts

Just in case you don’t know, Taylor Swift has a twin walking the streets among us. But not to worry, Taylor found her and has now made her
"Insta-famous". That’s a thing right? Meet Morgan Jensen aka Taylor’s twin who just about had a heart attack when she found out that not only did her idol Taylor Swift know about her, but she reblogged an image on Tumblr of Morgan saying
"Lol I thought that was me." Us too Taylor, us to.
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So what did Morgan Jensen do when she found out. Lose her mind of course, telling Cosmopolitan that she threw her phone around for a couple of hours in excitement. This is of course the next natural step. Morgan has mentioned that she’s constantly been mistaken for the mega star. Announcing that while attending T-Swift’s concert in Nashville people were lining up to take a picture with her, screaming Taylor Swift has a twin. Move aside
Karlie Kloss, Taylor’s got a new twin in town. Talk about living the dream.
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