Breaking: Jared Leto is the new blonde on the block

Mar 05 2015 by
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jared leto blondeSweet turtleneck, J. ( marquisdelannes)

Nice try,
Kim K: Jared Leto’s hair,
less than a week after he chopped most of it off, is back in the news…and blonder than we ever could have prepared ourselves for.
Well and truly dancing on the grave of his ombre locks, Leto debuted a super short, super platinum ‘do today, just hours after Kim stunned all of Paris with her own cropped blonde situation. This isn’t the first time Leto’s been blonde (this is very reminiscent of his 90’s bleached faux-hawk, actually), but we really, really, really hope it’s the last (and also for his upcoming role as The Joker).
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