Bon Jovi becomes the first band inducted into the Air Canada Centre’s Hall of Fame

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bonjovi-nov2 There are several things one comes to expect at a Bon Jovi concert: tight pants (Jon’s), ’80s hairstyles (the crowd’s), and to rise at the playing of the New Jersey band’s national anthem ("Wanted Dead or Alive", of course). As
a veteran attendee, I rely on these factors for the magical harmony of both pre-teen nostalgia and consistent heart-tugging ballads that the blue-eyed, hair-flipping frontman so dependably renders at every show. It’s that first love that you just won’t quit (I can see your eyes rolling, but somewhere there’s a metaphoric Bon Jovi in your history of mystifying yet-to-be requited love. See, I don’t judge).
But back to the concert.
bonjoviACC-nov2 Last night the band brought its signature New Jersey rocker-style of anthemic hits (plus Jon’s blindingly white smile) under the gaze of Bon Jovi’s newly unveiled permanent banner in the Air Canada Centre arena. However, the frontman noted that he would gladly replace it with a banner marking the Leafs’ next Stanley Cup victory (no word yet on whether that’s a challenge the team has accepted). After a record-breaking 17 shows at the Toronto venue – including Friday and last night’s performances – Bon Jovi becomes the first band inducted into the ACC’s Hall of Fame, with a plaque on the Galleria Wall of Fame at Gate 1. And what does Jon have to say about all this? Well, when we talk to him, you’ll be the first to know.
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