This is what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have ACTUALLY named their baby

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BREATHE, all ye who have been waited with bated breaths for the announcement of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ progeny’s name. The news is out…but was it worth nearly four months of suspense? Depends on how you feel about the whole boys-names-for-girls thing.
But wait, you may be saying: Don’t we already know this infant’s name? It’s Violet, right? Not exactly. The name was used by a worker at the hospital where the event occurred, and since the Lively/Reynolds camp never refuted the statement, it was assumed to be correct. Until today, when Ryan Reynolds got on the Today show, and tossed around a few of the potentials (Ananconda, Butternut Summersquash) before casually letting the real name slip. It’s James.
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