Beyond the red carpet: Star sightings at the Only Lovers Left Alive cast party and Nikki Beach

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Only-Lovers-Left-Alive-afterparty-2 Tom Hiddleston at the Only Lovers Left Alive party. Photography by Ryan Emberley. Story by Sabrina Maddeaux.

Sabrina Maddeaux takes in the party scene on the second night of TIFF, grows to love Benedict Cumberbatch even more at
The Fifth Estate press conference, and reviews
All Cheerleaders Die.
Parties: The Courthouse hosted the cast premiere party of
Only Lovers Left Alive with a performance by Canadian rock and alternative country band The Sadies. A very enthusiastic group of Tom Hiddleston fans waited anxiously by the red carpet with iPhones and autograph books in hand. During the wait, two random Leafs players showed up and the crowd temporarily settled for taking photos of them. “I didn’t even know who he was, but I was like, you’re attractive!” squealed one young woman. Director Jim Jarmusch took a very hands-on approach while walking the red carpet, pretending to strangle actor Anton Yelchin (who you may also know as Chekov from the
Star Trek reboots) for the cameras.

Only-Lovers-Left-Alive-afterparty-3Jim Jarmusch and Anton Yelchin at the Only Lovers Left Alive party. Photography by Ryan Emberley.

The man of the hour, Mr. Hiddleston himself, arrived shortly after 11 p.m., graciously signing fans’ movie tickets and posing for quick photos. Missing one particularly dedicated group of fans, he shouted “I’ll come back!” as he disappeared into the venue. “OK! I’m waiting here until, like, I DIE!” promised possibly his biggest fan. No word on whether she ended up getting that autograph. Across town, Nikki Beach Toronto @ The Spoke Club hosted the sort of guys who wear plastic wayfarers inside and the sort of girls who loudly threaten to knock other girls’ teeth out for “busting out a comment” after cutting the washroom line. Rumor had it that Clive Owen was on his way, but there’s only so much fist pumping this intrepid reporter can take. I hit the road, but apparently a mustached Owen showed up around 1:30 a.m. with a small entourage and sipped on Sapporo.
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thefifthestateA shot from The Fifth Estate courtesy of TIFF.

Quotables: Benedict Cumberbatch fielded the majority of questions at
The Fifth Estate press conference and proved that, in addition to his striking God-like good looks, he’s humble too. When asked what he thought of TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey calling him the “man of the festival,” he blushed, and said, “There are lots of other amazing men at this festival. But I’m flattered at the same time.” Seriously, can this guy get any better? Cumberbatch played coy when it came to taking a position on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but did say he’d “like to see the man [be] able to carry on his work as the founder of WikiLeaks,” and “I think there’s a lot to celebrate in his achievements.”

all_cheerleaders_dieA scene from All Cheerleaders Must Die courtesy of TIFF.

All Cheerleaders Must Die lived up to its place on my must-see list. A sharp mix of teen-revenge flick, supernatural gorefest, and slapstick comedy, this one isn’t winning any Oscars, but it’s a great no-holds-barred entertainment. Australian actress Caitlin Stasey turned in a solid performance, actually reminiscent of Kate Mara at times, as the high school outsider with a plan to take down the cool crowd. That said, I do wish that the directors had spent a little more time fleshing out some of the film’s more innovative ideas and darker themes.
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