Beyoncé has a new toy – a Beyoncé doll!

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Beyoncé doll

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By Jasmine Roberts You know you’ve hit the jackpot when you officially have your own doll version of yourself. Queen Bey has taken over the world by storm, and with her constant
style that’s always on point the next logical step was to of course turn herself into a Bratz doll. Nicki Minaj must be so proud.
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Queen Bey took to Instagram to post a picture of a Bratz doll that looks a hell of a lot like our fave Mrs. Carter. And on top of that, the Beyoncé doll is wearing a surfboard sweatshirt. Can we have that sweatshirt in human size please? So is this real? Can we add this doll to our collection of all things Beyoncé? Don’t play with us Queen Bey, because we all kind of want a Beyoncé doll.
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