Beyoncé defends Solange… Sort of

May 14 2014 by
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Images courtesy of @beyonce

I was wondering how Beyoncé was going to address Solange’s elevator outburst (you know, the
post-Met Ball scrap with Jay-Z that nearly broke the internet). Would she stay silent? Air an HBO special documentary? Tell speculators to shut it? Turns out, she took to Instagram. This morning, she posted four back-to-back happy, lovey pics of her and her sister. See pics and caption after the jump…

beyonce-and-solange-2 The only caption was "Good morning." They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, I think these pics are worth about 10: "My sister and I are a well-dressed united front."
solange-and-beyonce-3 Leave it to Queen Bey to say so much without saying much at all. I’m still looking forward to the inevitable documentary though…
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