Beyonce is also the world’s best daughter

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You know how your mom sometimes writes really nice things about you in your birthday card, or maybe says them in a speech at your wedding? Well, Beyonce’s mom does the same thing, but because she’s
Beyonce, they just happen to be published in
an open letter in Time magazine.
Tina Knowles-Lawson, who you’ll most recently remember from her everyone-in-white wedding portrait, penned a tribute to Beyonce (and her other daughter Solange, and her other other "daughter" Kelly Rowland and her other other other "daughter" a niece) in honour of Mother’s Day, thanking the girls for how wonderful they are. And how wonderful are they? Well, they all had sleepovers after Tina’s divorce, they’re apparently all in a group chat where they exchange "crazy Youtube videos", and they’re also a four-woman cheer squad for Teenz, constantly reminding her of how "hot" she is. Beyonce gets a whole paragraph long tribute to herself (naturellement).
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