5 best moments of the Golden Globes 2015

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It’s the morning after the
Golden Globes 2015, and while all the celebs are nursing their hangovers, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on the highlights from awards season’s first major (and historically "loosest") ceremony!

1. All of the inspirational acceptance speeches You could assemble a seriously impressive Pinterest board using only the uplifting bon mots award winners were coming up with at last night’s ceremony. There were some groundbreaking wins—Amazon series
Transparent, The CW’s Gina Rodriguez—and their heartfelt acceptances helped to set an unusually sincere tone for the generally more light-hearted Globes.
2. Tina and Amy going out in a blaze of glory They announced beforehand that this would be their last time hosting the show, and they clearly were out to make it count. Whether you agreed with some of the zingers or not (Cosby, the mis-guided North Korea bit), Amy and Tina were clearly having the time of their lives, and weren’t afraid to use the podium to deliver one last dose of kinda uncomfortable social commentary while they were up there. Tina’s spangled bow tie deserves a special mention.
3. Lupita’s reading glasses
Ms. Nyong’o presented her award in an utterly chic pair of black rimmed specs. BRB while we go update our prescription.
4. Rachel Wilson making Dominic West blush Showtime drama
The Affair was one of the night’s big winners, and while we loved seeing Rachel Wilson win a best actress nod for her work, we really loved seeing her make her co-star Dom squirm with a cheeky reference to his best asset.
5. Ricky Gervais as himself The Golden Globes are historically the more "fun" awards show, mainly because theire’s an open bar at the back of the room. This year was conspicuously lacking in the usual end-of-the-night-too-many-glasses-of-champagne-rambling-acceptance-speech, with one exception: Ricky Gervais. While everyone else was on their best behaviour, the former host presented his award wine glass in hand, took his time, and took us back to the days when the Globes weren’t just a with-TV-awards-too facsimile of the Oscars.
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