Best and worst music videos of 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.12.15 AMFrom slow clap to single tear, we highlight the best and worst music videos of 2013.
Best: Beyonce "Drunk In Love" Let’s be real, Beyonce loves a mic-drop and her visual album — which included 14 original songs and 17 new music videos — was the
boom heard around the music-sphere this year. Our top video from the album? "Drunk In Love".
(Psst, watch it here)
Where does Miley fall on our best and worst round-up? Keep reading to find out.
Worst: Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball"
Miley take cues from Queen B.
The only positive takeaway from this video is that Wal-Mart sold out of Hanes tank tops and tighty-whities.
Best: YLVIS "What does the fox say" If this song for wasn’t stuck in your head for three weeks straight, you’ve been living in a cave. Catchy tunes and fox onesies make this an undisputed video of the year.
Worst: Kanye "Bound 2" ft. Kim Kardashian If the low budget green screen graphics and misused wind machine wasn’t enough to make you cringe, the
OTT Kimye love-fest certainly upped the ick-factor.
Best: James Franco and Seth Rogen "Bound 3" No one else could turn something that is hard to watch into something we can’t pry our eyes away from quite like this funny-man duo. This video gave us a punchline worth remembering. If you haven’t seen it yet,
watch it here.

Worst: Rihanna "Pour it Up" We usually applaud
Rihanna for her risk taking, avant-garde aesthetic, but this video only left us with a strong desire to shower.
Best: Robin Thicke and Pharrell "Blurred lines" Ladies, you just got a little peek into a man’s psyche — and we have to admit, we kind of like it.
Worst: John Mayer ft Katy Perry "Who You Love" Hmm, mechanical bulls, eh? At least there weren’t any cheesy green screen graphics. *Cough, Kanye, couch*
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