Benedict Cumberbatch is now a Cumbersnack

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Benedict-Cumberbatch-CHOCOLATE-GETTY-NEWSThat’s one tasty morsel. (Getty)

Damnnnn, B! You look good enough to eat! But actually…ladies and gentlebatches, I present to you the Internet’s boyfriend as a chocolate sculpture.
The Academy Award nominee / full-time sexy Sherlock has been immortalised in 40 kilograms of the semi-sweet stuff as part of the launch of a new drama channel in the UK (there’s some tenuous link about
Cumberbatch being the "tastiest man in drama".) It’s a lifesize rendering of Benedict (as in, it’s six feet tall), and it took a team of 8 people 250 hours to lovingly carve the aquiline planes of his face. We suspect 50 hours were spent on carving out them cheekbones alone. Also to clarify: It’s just a sculpture of him, and not, as some may desire, the actual Benedict Cumberbatch coated in chocolate. Although we’ve no doubt that’s a plot point in at least 6 Sherlock fan fics. READ MORE:
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