Behind the scenes of our April 2012 cover shoot

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When Alison Brie came breezing into The Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles for our April cover shoot, she was perfectly dressed for her real life as a Hollywood starlet in a pumpkin silk top, adorable black pleated shorts and a Tory Burch bag. But it didn’t take long for her to shed her laid-back California style and slip right into a more glamorous role for the shoot. For our Bombshell issue, Brie brought to life the Old World Hollywood appeal of sirens like Marilyn Monroe. “”People always think Marilyn Monroe when you think bombshell,” said Brie. “Even when I showed up to the shoot today, I would have guessed that I’d be in red lipstick and
curls.” But instead, as she lounged poolside in Vera Wang for the cover shot, a few hotel guests stood gawking. At this point, the star of
Mad Men and the upcoming film
The Five-Year Engagement should be used to it. “Besides my character Annie on
Community provides a lot of good fantasy material in terms of that kind of naughty schoolgirl fetish thing,” she laughed.

What’s your style like? “I’ve been out to
New York Fashion Week about four or five times and I’m really getting into it. It wasn’t always that way. I’m significantly higher maintenance now then I was when I was younger [Laughs]. When I was a kid we would just walk everywhere barefoot. We barely wanted to wear clothes, and then in high school and college, I had a more experimental, whimsical fashion sense. In a way, it was cool that I didn’t care what people thought. I was open to doing whatever I thought was fun—but it wasn’t fashion forward. I was just being bizarre. These days, I have my eye on fashion more.”
How do you define sexy? “When you feel comfortable and
sexy, then that’s what you are. It’s not about trying to be what people want you to be. You just have to remind yourself of who you are.” For more with Brie, check out our April issue!

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