Awkward! These celebrity kids all copied North West for Halloween

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Smells like a trendsetter to us. (Image courtesy of

The verdict is in: For Halloween 2014, the only costume a self-respecting celebrity tot could be seen in was…the skunk. And it’s not because there’s a new Pepe Le Peu movie out, or Cruella DeVille got a new hairstylist, but because
North West did. And where she leads…a ton of famous children must follow.
After Nori debuted her first Halloween look (the anticipation was enormous, as you’d imagine), the line of celebrity copy cat children grew. It started with her cousin, Penelope Disick, and then grew to include Fergie’s son, and every other non-famous kid whose Mom had time for a quick dash to Al’s Costume Emporium. There was one notable exception, of course: Blue Ivy. She went as Michael Jackson, of course.
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