Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got married!

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the kutchersExhibit A: The possible wedding announcement (Facebook)

Happy New Year…and congrats to the happy couple! Ashton Kutcher and
Mila Kunis are now officially married, apparently tying the knot sometime before the end of 2014.
How do we know this? Well, it’s all due to a kinda-sorta cryptic post on Ashton’s Facebook page (see above) where he passes on the well wishes of "the Kutchers". Now, he could be speaking on behalf of his Mom, Dad and Aunt Sue, but we have a very strong feeling that this is Ashton and Mila’s way of saying they took the next step with that whole engagement thing. This is, after all, the couple who announced their baby’s birth with a series of random infant photos, one of which was their little Wyatt. But that’s not all folks: The next post on Ashton’s Facebook is "Most awkward wedding kisses ever" (aka the broadest hint EVER). Add to that the fact that Mila has been spotted sporting a second band next to her engagement ring, I think we can call this one "case closed". Whoever these "Kutchers" may be, we wish them a wonderful 2015 right back!
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