The ideal wallpaper for every room in your home

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A little stylish cover up for your walls.

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    The Bathroom

    © Andrea Lauren

    Your powder room is the best place to experiment with bold-patterned papers because you will probably never spend more than two minutes in there at a time. Baby steps: Try papering the wall behind the mirror or using nonwoven wall treatments. These are among the easiest to remove if you get sick of that flamingo pattern. For the main bath, stick to vinyl; it will last longer in this muggy space.

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    The Bedroom

    © Coordonné

    Try grasscloth. This natural (but not organic) treatment made of woven fibres has a texturized effect that is both cozy and calming — ideal bedroom vibes, non? Maria Raco, founder of Toronto-based wall-treatment importer NewWall, recommends Fausel, Biskamp — a luxe German brand that has been around since 1887 and also makes bamboo and cork treatments.) The bedroom is also a popular place for a feature wall, which is typically the one behind your headboard. Paint the rest of the walls a shade that’s in the pattern so it’s complementary but not too matchy-matchy.

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    The Kitchen

    © shopcabin
    Our Foodora bill suggests otherwise, but apparently most people use this space to cook. Because of the humidity from all those bubbling pots and the frequent post-dinner-party cleanup, opt for easy-to-wash vinyl or vinyl-coated wallpaper. Word of warning: This material isn’t particularly environmentally friendly, so if you’re green-minded, take a miss.

    If you have a two-storey home and want to wallpaper the walls by the stairs, think anything but silk. In high-traffic areas —especially if there are children or sloppy roommates who hold onto the wall to walk up and down the stairs— you want something that is not delicate and can withstand some scrubbing.

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