Highlights from the 2017 Power Ball

Jun 09 2017 by
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The Power Ball is an annual interactive art party and fundraiser held at Toronto’s Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in partnership with Max Mara. No two balls are the same, and this year’s Stereo Vision theme captivated attendees with audio-visual trickery. Scroll through to see photos from the night. 

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    This hyper-real digital landscape by artist Kelly Richardson looked both alien and familiar. When the room was full of people, their shadows reflected onto the projection, blurring the line between art and audience. 
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    17-year-old American photographer Torrance Hall was this year's recipient of the Max Mara Young Visionary Award, which includes a prize of $10,000. Hall's work explores the maturity from adolescence into adulthood through portraits of Hall and his friends. This series of photographs offered a calm break from the sensory overload of the Power Ball's other installations. 
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    Actress Sarah Gadon was one of the VIPs in attendance. 
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    One of the best things about the Power Ball is the mix of indoor and outdoor festivities. Once the crowd gathered outside, they were treated to a set by electro-pop duo The Darcys.
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    What's a party without a fountain of BBQ sauce? 
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    The night's other entertainment included a set by Toronto musician Ralph and an edible marshmallow wall.
Categories: Art & Design