The all-star cast of American Hustle rocking hair that’s so wrong it has to be right.

The intense David O. Russell flick set in the seventies—starring Jennifer Lawrence, among others—has been getting so much buzz, it was deafening, like, four months ago. Now, it’s in theatres and it’s time to talk about the real star of the movie: the hair. May I present my tribute to perms:
P is for how perfect
Amy Adams actually looks with these crazy curls. That’s weird, right?
E is for how easy it probably was for Bradley Cooper to pick up, even with this hair. I know, other guys, life’s not fair.
R is for the respect other actors will heap on Christian Bale, because that’s what always happens when someone looks this bad for a role.
M is for
mensch because, well, Jeremy Renner looks like one here.
S is for Single White Female, because even if they’d have to suffer through a matching ’70s blown out up-do, most girls
really want to be
Jennifer Lawrence.
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