Amal left George on his knees for “28 minutes” when he proposed

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US-ENTERTAINMENT-TOMORROWLANDThe moment may have looked a little like this. Minus that other lady. (Getty)

Theirs may have been a whirlwind courtship, but George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s engagement "moment" was an extraordinarily protracted one. In fact, Amal left George waiting for an answer (on bended knee no less) for approximately 28 minutes. That’s 1680 seconds, or about how long Amal spent in quick-changes during her epic Italian wedding weekend.
George spilled the deets on the big proposal during an interview with
CBS This Morning. He revealed that the two had never actually discussed marriage before the then 52 year-old popped the question, and Amal was (understandably) a little flummoxed when it came up, and actually left the actor on one knee while she processed. (Spoiler: She eventually said yes). One other weird detail that came up during the chat: George apparently had a playlist of romantic songs prepared, all by his aunt, the legendary lady-crooner Rosemary Clooney. At least it wasn’t "Man of Constant Sorrow" aka that time George sang in
O Brother Where Are Thou?  

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