Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

By: Ava Baccari, Photography courtesy of Priscilla the Musical website

In the world of showbiz, all that glitters isn’t Gaga— in fact, the singer stands to learn a thing or two about performance from the original stage diva extraordinaire: the drag queen. With more false lashes and crinoline than a 1980s prom, the ladies arrived in town last night, Toronto— just follow the trail of glitter and pink feathers all the way to the Princess of Wales Theatre for the jaw-dropping, foot-stomping North American premiere of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. (FYI fist-pumping is still not cool).

When the shiny disco ball drops, the Drag Ladies sing. Three divas (and we’re talking actual ladies here) are lowered on to the stage, helming a belted-out, electrifying performance of “It’s Raining Men,” with a cast of androgynous superstar characters that could keep Cher in retirement for a few more years. (more…)