Alexander Wang at Holt Renfrew

Jul 22 2010 by
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Alexander The Great

By Lara Ceroni, Photography by Beatriz Juarez
Working in the fashion business we are accustomed to canoodling with some of the industry’s biggest stars. We’ve had our stolen moments with
Karl, champagne with
Calvin and canapés with
Roland. So, by virtue you would think last night’s soiree at Holt Renfrew celebrating
Alexander Wang’s new fall collection (in which the designer was present) would be just another day at the office for us. Wrong. Maybe it’s his signature studded handbags that make us melt or his indelible skills with knitwear. Whatever the case, being in close proximity to this burgeoning New York designer last evening was a moment; a really big one.
And we most certainly weren’t alone. Every editor you could list was bound to their Blackberry’s tweeting about their encounters; the always cool and collected Jeremy Laing showed up fashionably late to lend his support and Steven Wong (from
Greta Constantine) was spotted fondling one of Wang’s burgundy heels while whispering “These are ammmmazing.” But what about Wang himself? At 26-years-young, surely the frenetic fanfare was overwhelming, exhausting, irritating, even; but you would have never have guessed it. All smiles, all the time, his youthfulness – like his clothes – was awe-inspiring.

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