A new part of wedding prep: plastic surgery for your ring finger?!

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Brides-to-be: how are your hands looking? Spotty? Puffy? OLD? It might be time to consider some pre-wedding hand-specific plastic surgery.
If you accept the premise that the "engagement ring selfie" you send out, immediately post-proposal, is the most important Instagram of your life (it’s not), it follows that you’d want your hand to look your best, right? (Because hands were feeling very neglected in a post-thigh gap world). And so we have a new plastic surgery "trend" that involves women, who suspect they may be about to be engaged, getting cosmetic treatments on their extremities to deal with "issues" like veins (ugh, circulation!), thin skin (your epidermis is practically see through, darling), and visible ligaments. Peels, lasers, and a couple dermal fillers later, the harried new fiance is ready for her rock’s close-up – island sunset or Eiffel Tower in the background not included.
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