5 reasons why The Wolf of Wall Street should win Best Picture

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The-Wolf-of-Wall-streetImage courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

If you haven’t seen it: Martin Scorsese and
Leonardo DiCaprio team up for a 5th time in a dark comedy based on the real life of wealthy stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It follows the rise — think parties, drugs, sex, and money, lots of money — and Belfort’s dramatic fall.
Five reasons why it should win:

Because… Leonardo DiCaprio is hot even in a 90s pantsuit.
Margot Robbie is drop-dead-gorgeous. You want to hate her for it but you just can’t.
Because… who wouldn’t want Jonah Hill as their sidekick?
Because… the chemistry between Leo and Margot. Anyone else notice Leo give Margot the up-down when she presented at the Globes? Just saying.
Because… this Leo’s 4th Oscar nod and Scorsese’s (too many times to count), so this has to be their year. Right?
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