5 reasons why Captain Phillips should win Best Picture

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captain-phillips-oscars-best-pictureCaptain Phillips director Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks attend a press conference for the film. Photo courtesy of Getty.

If you haven’t seen it… This is one of those edge of your seat, what-will-happen-next films that keeps you guessing until the very end. Based on true events,
Captain Phillips chronicles the 2009 hijacking of a large container ship near the coast of Africa. The film analyzes the human will to survive from the perspective of the crew aboard
Maersk Alabama and the small group of Somali pirates who manage to overtake it. No spoilers here—see the film to catch the unforgettable ending.
Read on for 5 reasons why
Captain Phillips
should win the Oscar for Best Picture…

Five reasons Captain Phillips should win the gold statue… 1. The extraordinary Tom Hanks is so believable in his starring role as Captain Phillips. (To be honest, I can’t even name a movie starring Tom Hanks I didn’t love!) 2. Barkhad Abdi—who plays lead Somali pirate, Muse—is nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his breakthrough performance in the film. Trust me: this multi-talented actor/film director/producer is off to a great career start. 3. Musical genius Hans Zimmer had a hand in crafting the film’s beautiful score, a soundtrack that brings you right into the film’s chaotic atmosphere. 4. The cinematography is completely stunning. Because the ocean scenery is so different from everyday life, you’re instantly captivated. 5. After watching the life of Captain Phillips unfold, you leave the theater wanting to learn more about the events portrayed on the big screen. To me, that is the hallmark of a successful film and what makes this movie stand out from all the rest.
OVER TO YOU! Which film do you think should win the 2014 Oscar for Best Picture?
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