5 reasons why the ROM Prom was way better than my high school prom

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Giving Douglas Coupland some Blue Steel at the 2015 ROM Prom.

You’d be hard pressed to name an event more important in a high school girl’s life than her prom. Alas, most proms do not live up to feverish expectations – mine didn’t. One of my guilty pleasures is reliving my high school prom and I’m not ashamed to admit that since graduating from high school I have attended five prom-themed affairs, even crashing a friend’s university graduation on one occasion. Why do I do this? Maybe I’m nostalgic, or a sucker for prom clichés, or perhaps I yearn to undo some of the questionable choices I made at my high school prom (like ditching my date). So you’ll understand my excitement when I got to attend ROM’s Prom X, the tenth and final bash in a series of parties hosted by the museum’s Young Patron’s Circle. Did my wish of a perfect prom finally come true?
Yes, it did. And here are five reasons why: 1. Every prom needs a chaperone, and I couldn’t think of anyone more charming and charismatic than the night’s honouree, Douglas Coupland. 2. When I was thinking of what to wear to my high school prom,
Sid Neigum hand’t yet skyrocketed to international fashion fame. So this time around I got to don a diaphanous floor-length vest by the recent Mercedes-Benz Start Up competition winner, fitting in nicely with the evening’s avant-garde theme. 3. Photos from my high school prom are yet to become endearing, so when Douglas Coupland snapped a polaroid of me and my date, I knew the evening couldn’t get any better. Bonus: He even compared the shot to a Marc Jacobs perfume ad. 4. When I was 18, I’m sure that I found the generic banquet hall venue of my prom to be the height of sophistication, but nothing beats dancing next to a Futalognkosaurus in the grandeur of the ROM’s main hall. 5. No curfew! You win this round, ROM Prom.
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