Giving Douglas Coupland some Blue Steel at the 2015 ROM Prom.

You’d be hard pressed to name an event more important in a high school girl’s life than her prom. Alas, most proms do not live up to feverish expectations – mine didn’t. One of my guilty pleasures is reliving my high school prom and I’m not ashamed to admit that since graduating from high school I have attended five prom-themed affairs, even crashing a friend’s university graduation on one occasion. Why do I do this? Maybe I’m nostalgic, or a sucker for prom clichés, or perhaps I yearn to undo some of the questionable choices I made at my high school prom (like ditching my date). So you’ll understand my excitement when I got to attend ROM’s Prom X, the tenth and final bash in a series of parties hosted by the museum’s Young Patron’s Circle. Did my wish of a perfect prom finally come true?