5 reasons Lauren Bacall (RIP) was a legend

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Stern Bacall

What a woman! (Image courtesy of Getty)

Lauren Bacall, legendary actress of Golden Age Hollywood, died last night at the age of 89. Here are five reasons we’re so sad she’s gone, but so glad she was around at all.
1. She embodied the word "dame". Also: "moxy". She had an attitude back in an era when most female film stars were there just to look pretty and bat their eyelashes at Cary Grant, but Bacall consistently (on screen and off) did it her way. 2. Her love story with Humphrey Bogart makes
Casablanca look lame. She and Bogey definitely had a tempestuous thing going on, but man-oh-man, did they have chemistry. (See:
Dark Passage, Key Largo). 3. Her voice. See: "You know how to whistle, don’t you?" 4. She
rocked a red lip and a high-waisted trouser like nobody’s business. 5. Her autobiography, "By Myself and Then Some", is a fantastic read. You will be a creepy super-fan by the end, guaranteed.
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