5 projects you may not know Sarah Jessica Parker was part of

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2014 CLIO Image AwardsHBD, SJP. (Getty)

Happy birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker! In honour of her 50th birthday (just look at that time fly by), we’re choosing to celebrate her larger body of work by writing an entire post where we don’t mention the name of a certain sex-column-writing-New-Yorker (much as we love her). Instead, here are the 5 movies and or tv shows you may not know SJP was a part of…
1. Footloose (1984): Parker played "Rusty Rockets", aka the blonde but troubled small town beauty Ariel’s friend. 2. Mars Attacks (1996): She was part of an amazingly mixed-bag ensemble cast (hi Jack Nicholson!) in this low-budget Tim Burton flick. 3. LA Story: (1991) The sexy "Sandy" role actually changed her life and paved the way for Sex and the City, Parker has said in the past, since it was the first time she wasn’t playing someone "mousy". 4. The Little Match Girl (1976) SarJess has an uncredited role in a TV movie version of the world’s most depressing story. 5. Who Do You Think You Are? (2010) Tracing her family roots, Sarah appeared on the first US episode of this strangely addictive show about celebrity genealogy.
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