finalmorningmustreadWhy we’re over normcore, the street fashion trend that encourages everyone to embrace their inner Jerry Seinfeld with sneakers and nondescript jeans (why that even became a thing is a whole other issue).
[] Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get his Best Actor Oscar (again) this year, and the Internet reacts using a historical archive of his work to express their sadness.
[Buzzfeed] The real reason George Clooney skipped out on Sunday night’s Oscars is not because he was snubbed himself (Clooney wasn’t even nominated, Leo!) but because he was allegedly spending time with a girl. Clooney is rumoured to be dating Amal Alamuddin, a London barrister who is representing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
[Daily Mail] Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez (!) team up in Puerto Rican rapper Wisin’s new music video for his soon-to-be club hit, "Adrenalina".
[Perez Hilton] Brace yourselves: Kate Middleton could be chopping off her hair. Yup, any day now…