finalmorningmustreadWe already know that Paul Rudd can do rom-coms (remember
I Love You, Man?) but this trailer for his latest,
They Came Together, a promising spoof on the rom-com genre with Amy Poehler as his love interest, is just so wonderful.
[Buzzfeed] Chances are, you probably know someone who’s starting out the new year on some sort of health trend–paleo, raw food anyone?–or you’re taking the plunge yourself. Find out the top food trends of 2014.
[] So you want to look like
our cover girl Shay Mitchell’s Emily Fields on
Pretty Little Liars? There’s a shopping site for that. Pradax, which just launched this week, scans
online retailers like Net-A-Porter to bring you looks that match the costumes of your fave fashionable TV characters.
[Variety] Our beauty director Vanessa Craft on five reasons why
American Hustle should win Best Picture at the Oscars (hint: perms, plunging necklines and J. Law. What else do you need?)
[] Prince Harry has quit his job as an Army Air Corp helicopter pilot to lead the bid to bring America’s Warrior Games–the "Olympics" of injured servicemen–to London. He plans to focus on work and not, say, his on-again-off-again relationship with Cressida Bonas, apparently.
[The Evening Standard]