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[] Start memorizing the "Drunk in Love" lyrics because Beyoncé is the subject of a course at Rutgers University in New Jersey called "Politicizing Beyoncé," which traces her music and career to "explore American race, gender and sexual politics." All good news for those planning to get a PhD in Fierce.
[Rolling Stone] Barneys released its Spring 2014 campaign, starring stars seventeen transgender models. Titled "Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters," the spread was shot in black and white by Bruce Weber.
[Jezebel] In the land of Super Bowl commercial #wins, there’s Anna Kendrick’s Newcastle Brown Ale "tell-all" in which we fall even more in love with her as "approachable hot–the hottest girl in your improv class".
[Buzzfeed] Your ultimate guide to winter hair care (’cause we’ve got you and your strands covered!).