finalmorningmustreadBabies, baby koalas and yellow frill dresses–our brains can’t handle the cuteness of this stop at Australia’s Taronga Zoo on the Royal Tour.
[] Alert! Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie haircut–previously seen cropped at the Oscars then slicked back in the recent Dior campaign–has mysteriously morphed itself into a short bob. Reports remain unconfirmed whether this is yet another ploy in Lawrence’s attempt to blind the world with feigned awesomeness while siphoning baby sea turtle rescue funds or due to the inevitable passage of time.
[Daily Mail] Is the golden age of fashion blogging over?
[The Cut] And now for some fun stats about how women view men with expensive cars: 56 per cent view men who drive exotic or fast cars as being arrogant, and 17 per cent perceive them as being insecure, according to a Harris poll commissioned by dating site AnastasiaDate.
[NY Post] There will always be a reason to see Monet and Dali, but don’t forget to hit up these top 10 fashion exhibitions when travelling this summer.