finalmorningmustreadSee the behind-the-scenes snaps of our live June cover shoot with Emma Roberts yesterday (from getting ready with an
all-star team to potential cover looks!).
[] This stroll down fashion’s memory lane with top designers proves that they had what it takes back then: great style and youthful optimism (special shout-outs to Valentino’s voluminous hair and Tom Ford in, yes, a tux).
[Details Magazine] If the year of twerking and tongue-selfies wasn’t enough of a lesson in Miley, now you can become officially schooled in the
Bangerz singer, who’s the subject of a college course.
[Vanity Fair] In a very Dawson Leery-style act of nobility, James Van Der Beek once handed his ID to an underage Justin Timberlake so the then-NSYNC front man could get into a Vegas club, the former
Dawson’s Creek star recently revealed.
[Refinery 29] How to look like the ’90s cool girl that you always wanted to look like in the ’90s.