The Art of Elysium's 7th Annual HEAVEN Gala Presented by Mercedes-Benz - Inside

The happy couple. (Let’s hope he at least dyes his hair back to normal before the wedding!) Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

According to
Us Weekly, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are engaged. This news was met with a less than enthusiastic response at the ELLE Canada offices. Here’s why: 1. 
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are meant to be! #neverstopbelieving 2. How desperate are
these photos of Amber Heard trying to "hide" her ring finger from the paparazzi? By "concealing" her bling, she ensured everyone would be speculating about her marital status. Clearly, Heard has been taking tips from the Kris Jenner school of paparazzi relations. 3. As our production editor, Ciara Rickard pointed out: "He never married Vanessa Paradis, and they were together forever. What a slap in the face." 4. Isn’t it just slightly cliché? 50-year-old actor has a midlife crisis and proposes to his twentysomething girlfriend?
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