4 facts you didn’t know about Grey’s Anatomy characters who are actually still alive

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NYU's Tisch School Of The Arts' West Coast Benefit Gala - ArrivalsChandra Wilson aka Dr Bailey: Not exactly a blonde. (Getty)

Although we’re still very fragile after last night’s major character death on Grey’s Anatomy, we interrupt our weeping/mourning/re-watching of Season 1 to bring you some fun facts about beloved people who are actually still kicking it at Seattle Grace…because we believe you should celebrate (sob) the (sob) living (sob sob sob wailllll).
1. In real life, the actor who plays Alex Karev is actually 45 years old, despite looking eternally 32. And he’s not even in plastics… 2. Jesse Williams was actually working as a teacher before landing the role of mega-hottie Dr. Jackson Avery. Bonus fact: When Avery’s onscreen wife is pregnant, the actress who plays her (Sarah Drew) was actually avec bebe in real life. 3. When creator Shonda Rhimes wrote the initial character description for Miranda Bailey (played eventually by the inimitable Chandra Wilson, it called for someone who was a “tiny blonde with curls.” 4. That whole "Meredith gives her liver to her father" plotline in season 6 was cooked up entirely so a very-pregnant Ellen Pompeo could spend most of the season swathed in bump-concealing bedsheets.
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