3 theories about Cara Delevingne’s crazy new tattoo

Sep 09 2014 by
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cara bacon tattooImage courtesy of Instagram.com/caradelevingne

Cara Delevingne already sports some pretty iconic ink (as in,
the lion tattoo on her hand is now immortalised as the hardware on a Mulberry bag), but her latest addition may out-weird them all. It’s the word "bacon", tattooed onto the bottom of her foot. Here are three theories about what the new ink REALLY means:
1. She’s become a vegan. By placing the tat on the sole of her foot, she is "stomping on" her former life as a meatlover, and literally and figuratively walking away from her pork passion. 2. The ink actually reads "Bacon…". The presence of these ellipses indicates that this is an unformed thought, so there may be a part two to this tattoo that explains it all. 3. She just really likes bacon. (Least likely).
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Picnicking with Cara Delevingne

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