3 signs the Royal Baby is due any second now

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Prince George Of Cambridge First BirthdayIs it a bird? A butterfly? No, it’s Royal Baby 2, on its way! (Getty)

While you’re at the bookies putting your money on baby names (Alice, right?), here’s a hot tip: There’s a very good chance the Royal Baby is going to be born sometime this weekend. How do we know? We can read the signs, that’s why.

Sign 1: Wills has already started paternity leave The baby daddy has arrived in London to be with
Kate and George, starting his two-week pat leave early. Since we can’t imagine he would waste precious days with the newborn, we’ll take this to mean that Kate may already be in labour…?!
Sign 2: Prince Harry is in town Thought Haz was going to miss his niece/nephew’s birth because he’s Down Under serving with the Australian Defence Force? Nah, mate: The world’s best uncle just happens to be back in London this week "for the marathon", which is totally code for "sitting in the waiting room holding Wills’ hand".
Sign 3: Special Event Parking The hospital where Kate is due to give birth has put up signs indicating that there will be different parking regulations up until April 30 due to a "special event". No prizes for what that event is.
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