3 new things you should watch on Netflix this April

Mar 27 2015 by
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daredevil It’s almost the start of a new month, which means time to wrap up whatever it is you’re currently bingeing on, and line up some fresh favourites in your Netflix queue. If you’re like us, you’ve spent the winter on heavier fare (THE FALL), and you’re looking to step into spring with something a little lighter. Lucky for you, April is looking sharp on Netflix. A few suggestions…
Boyhood If you missed it in theatres, now’s your chance to see what all of that awards season fuss was about. Also: Patricia Arquette. 2.
Daredevil This is actually a Netflix original take on a Marvel franchise, this time digging deep into the back story of how a lawyer ends up a super hero tackling crime in modern day New York City. 3.
A Walk to Remember Mandy Moore, Shane West, and the chance to remember what really made you weep in Grade 7.
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