For your last weekend of lying on the cottage dock (or sipping a Caesar on a city patio), you must, must, must add one of these essential long weekend reads into your Labour Day R&R schedule. 

Come Away with Me by Karma Brown

This Canadian novel is getting lots ‘of just like Eat, Pray, Love; buzz, and for good reason: It’s an emotional, intelligent tale at what happens to a woman when her life literally falls apart in a second, thanks to a patch of black ice and a horrific accident. It’s about grief, but it’s also about love, and will keep your engrossed…until your burger is charred to a crisp on the BBQ. 

Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything by Timothy Caulfield

If you have September resolutions that involve macrobiotic recipes off Goop, this one’s a must read. A health expert painstakingly goes through the “science” behind celebrity food and living fads, and the results are enough to make you choke on your green juice. 

Flood of Fire by Amitar Ghosh

If the advent of fall has you needing to escape into a far, far away world where things like snowstorms don’t exist, this magical historical novel is for you. Set in India in 1839, it follows a disaparate cast of characters (a sailor, a widow, a sepoy) to weave a tale about a place in the past you may not be familiar with. 


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